Welcome to www.Wilelink.com's Guidelines for Law Enforcement Agencies

These guidelines are for Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs/YOU) seeking information from WILELINK. (If you are a user seeking information about your account, you can access our self-explanatory / easy-to-use Help Page feature from your account settings.)

Wilelink Inc, a company incorporated and registered in India, is the data controller for the personal data collected through this Platform for selling and buying articles posted by our customers. We provide a platform where users can advertise in our website marketplace by posting advertisements and searching for a product and service and can promote their advertisements to reach more users.

The LEAs can send legal requests/ notices to us at safety@Wilelink.com or grievance-officer@Wilelink.com for the assistance required on user details. Additionally, if you have any queries, you can email support@Wilelink.com; as we are receiving a high volume of requests, We reply based on priority or in sequence, old to latest.


We will be happy to assist you with the required information, provided the legal requests made by you are valid and as per the applicable laws in India. To help you in the best manner, we request you to follow the below guidelines for sending us legal requests:

1). Legal requests should be:

  • Typed or should be written in legible handwriting.
  • Sent through the official id of the law enforcement agencies, and a scanned copy of duly signed and stamped legal requests/notices should be attached to the email.
  • In or translated into English.

2). Legal requests should specifically mention the below details:

  • Specify the applicable law under which you are seeking the information.
  • Precise details to identify an account/user/ad listing. You can share the email id, mobile number or ad id associated with the user to help us provide the required data.
  • The type of information sought and the purpose for seeking such information should be mentioned.

If you have any doubts, please contact us at the above contact details.


We may amend and update this guideline occasionally. We will notify you of material changes to these guidelines as appropriate under the circumstances and as required by applicable laws, e.g. by placing a prominent notice within our Services or by sending you a message via our Services or by sending you an email. If you disagree, you may close your account anytime by emailing Wilelink support.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this counterfeit policy, you should contact us by sending an e-mail to “info@wilelink.com” or by writing to us at:

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