Quantum Break - Xbox One

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Quantum Break - Xbox One - Action-adventure game with time manipulation powers, unique gameplay mechanic, and live-action episodes that are affected by the player's choices during gameplay.

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Quantum Break is an action-adventure game that was released for the Xbox One console. The game follows the story of Jack Joyce, who gains time manipulation powers after a time travel experiment goes wrong. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic that combines traditional third-person shooting with time manipulation abilities, allowing players to freeze time, dodge bullets, and use other temporal powers to defeat their enemies. The game also includes live-action episodes that are interspersed between gameplay sections and feature the game's cast of characters. These episodes are affected by the player's choices during gameplay, leading to multiple possible outcomes. Quantum Break is a must-play game for any Xbox One owner and is considered one of the best games of the console.

  • Origin: United States

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