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With the promise of delivering a smooth and convenient user experience, the WileLink website and application include this business look up tool that makes searching for listings, businesses, and sellers a piece of cake


When you enter a big online selling platform, one of the biggest problems you may face as a user is getting to the products listings that fit your needs. Many years ago, the idea of adding a search tool to e-commerce websites and digital selling platforms became popular and has since become a necessary component of every successful website and mobile application that we use today. It especially works wonders for businesses like WileLink where you have to sift through a lot of information and pages. Without some kind of a direct pathway to pages that might actually fit your needs, finding what you need would remain a dream. Thanks to our Business Search feature, you never have to worry about that problem on WileLink. You can use this tool to conveniently find relevant listings based on your needs using multiple search filters.


A search tool that actually helps users contains important filters that allow the user to set the direction of search queries and find what they need in more than one way. Keeping your convenience in mind, we have designed our Business Search tool to help you locate all kinds of businesses or sellers you may want to consider as a buyer. Our search tool gives you the following filters to modify your search queries and find relevant results faster. LOCATION BASED FILTERS: As you can see below, the Business Search tool has three filters related to geographical location of your search query: Country, State and City. Using these three filters you can look up businesses regardless of various product categories based in a location of your choosing. This kind of search queries are useful when you want to look up businesses and sellers near you and see what they have to offer. PRODUCT BASED FILTERS: You can also use our filters to specify the kind of product listings you want to see in your search results. Using the search box, you can type in the products you want and run your search, which will bring back results containing all the product listings on WileLink that have your search term in their title. Similarly, if you do not want to buy any one product but possibly multiple connected products, you can use the Product Category filter to look up various products that fall in the same category. This kind of search will show you all active listings from all sellers for which they posted ads in the product category you have looked up.